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First World War Centenary 2014 — 2018

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The Auckland University College Roll of Honour is not a list of the war dead carefully carved in stone. Rather, it is a document created during the First World War to record the details of 720 Collegians who enlisted.

The Roll of Honour, which lies at the heart of this website, was digitised in remembrance of this earlier generation of students and staff. The website also explores the lives of some of these Collegians and looks at campus life during the war years.

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Roll of Honour

Find out which Collegians are listed in the Roll of Honour, when they attended Auckland University College, and more.

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In Memoriam

Go to the In Memoriam page to read the names of Collegians who fell during the War.

The College in 1918-1919

From: College life

During these pivotal years, the war ended, enrolments grew, influenza struck, a new College building opened and the Metropolitan site was secured.

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History of the Roll

From: Roll of Honour

The Roll began in 1914 when some students sat in the Common Room and wrote a list of everyone they knew from the College who had volunteered.

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Their Stories

From: Collegians at War

These stories offer a glimpse into the lives of some of the Collegians who served. Most were fortunate enough to return but at least 137 men did not.

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Highlighted Collegian biographies

Vivian Ramsay

From: Collegians at War

Harold Vivian Ramsay, a conscientious objector, died in France in April 1918 serving in the NZ Medical Corps.

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Clive Johns

From: Collegians at War

Alton Clive Johns was badly wounded just months after being mistakenly listed as killed in action at Messines.

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Willis and Fred Airey

From: Collegians at War

Historian Willis Airey spent decades on peace activism after serving and losing his brother Fred in the war.

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Recommended resources

Find out which resources to use when trying to trace the university careers of Collegians listed in the Roll of Honour.

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Prisoners of war

From: Collegians at War

Seven Collegians are known to have been detained as POWs in Germany, six military and one civilian.

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Centenary project completed

Work on this website wrapped up in November 2018 on the 100th anniversary of the Armistice.

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