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A 1914 College lecture timetable.
Auckland University College Calendar for 1914. NZGC 378.95 A89cal. Special Collections, University of Auckland Libraries and Learning Services.

The College was one of four affiliated colleges of the University of New Zealand; it was administered by a College Council and had an academic staff of eight professors and 16 lecturers, demonstrators and assistants.  In 1914, the College staff included three new professors, Frederick P. Worley (chemistry), Gwilym Owen (physics), John C. Johnson (botany and biology) and a new geology lecturer, John A. Bartrum.  These new staff replaced Professors Algernon Thomas and Frederick Brown who had taught at the College since it opened in 1883. By 1914, 298 graduates had attained their degrees through the College.1

The College offered a surprisingly wide selection of subjects, including Classics, English language and literature, French, German, pure and applied mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, geology, education, economics, history, mental science, law, commerce and music. In addition, the School of Mines offered courses in architecture, surveying, and civil, electrical, mechanical and marine engineering.  

Lectures were open to all 'male or female, whether matriculated or not' on payment of a fee. In 1914, 626 students were enrolled (343 men and 283 women) but only 610 (328 men and 282 women) attended classes as some were exempted for various reasons. Of the 610, 185 were younger, non-matriculated students who were studying towards the equivalent of today’s University Entrance, rather than a degree.2 As well as attending university, many students had day-time jobs as clerks and teachers, or attended the nearby teachers' Training College. To accommodate these ‘part-timers’, lectures were held well into the evening and on Saturday mornings.

Auckland University College Student Executive 1914.
Image: Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 31-WP723.

Katherine Pawley, Special Collections

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