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First World War Centenary 2014 — 2018

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  4. Other known siblings in the AUC Roll of honour are: Albert and George Bagnall, both war casualties (WC); Frederick (WC) and Willis Airey; George and Trevor (WC) Alderton; Leslie and Walter Averill; Allan (WC) and Arthur Bailey; Arthur and Frederick Beasley; John (WC) and Thomas Bishop; Enoch and Erni (WC) Bond; Arthur and George Boswell; John and William Caradus; Nelson and Victor Clay; Frederick and Herbert (WC) Cox; James (WC) and Patrick Dromgool; David (WC) and Norman Duthie; Roy and Samuel Ellis; Arthur, Fritz and Tom Goulding; Charles and Walter (WC) Grierson; Colin (WC) and John Hally; Athol (WC) and Bryce Hart; Ernest and Reuben Hayter; Alban (WC), Ernest (WC) and Gainor Jackson; Alton, Victor and William (WC) Johns; Neil and Thomas (WC) Macky; Charles and Louis Mark; Alfred and Henry Marshall; Ivon and Murdoch (WC) McDonald; Clifford and Oliver Nicholson; Athol and Eric Ohlson; Cyril and Nesbit Snedden; John and Ralph Somers; Robert and Tristram Speedy; Harold and Norman Spencer; Acland and Norman Thomas; Alan and Bertram Wallace (both WC); Francis and William (WC) Willis; Clarence and Ralph Worley and Louis and Solomon Ziman.
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